Monday, 2 July 2012

Meeting at home Today with Social Work, CPN and others involved in my mums care

This afternoon  I have a meeting at home to discuss and evaluate my mums care package and needs. Over the 5 years my mum has faced and struggled with this illness  
We have faced many changes and challenges, on looking back there have been many crucial point and moments each time the dip in my months awareness, capabilities and health are affected As a son and carer I feel we have reached a very crucial moment on this journey and its my  duty along with all involved duty to get this next bit right to allow my mum To be cared for with the respect, dignity and help she and all deserve ,I also need help to be allowed to give my mum the care and love she needs and as a son I want to give. For me this seems like the most crucial part of the journey it certainly feels like the saddest in my heart .WE HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT


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