Sunday, 8 July 2012

Social work Glasgow complete report on my campaign and letters


Firstly I would like to say thanks to SW Glasgow, especially Stephen and Ann for the time they have given my campaign and the respect they have shown to the correspondence I receive. A few months back at one of our meetings I handed over some of the thoughts and feelings from carers and families who make contact
The team at SW have complied a report that I am personally happy with and I hope it helps in some way with the work they do, but more than that its great that time has been taken to read the words and thoughts from carers like me in their own words without guidance and that a report on the findings will be shared within their departments and beyond
I still believe our lives in our words are the best way to raise awareness and bring more understanding. My full respect goes out to all who have taken time to share their feelings to help others
I hope and know they will make good use of this report and my thanks once again for taking time to listen to us


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