Friday, 27 July 2012

With thanks to the wonderful District Nurses for all their care and help lately

Good Afternoon
Over the last months our ability to do things has shrunk dramatically and we like many other people who need care or a carers become isolated, lonely and to often sad if not depressed. in my own particular life if you take away my campaign hours the only people we see are Doctors, hospitals ,nurses ,clinics ,social workers and people involved in our care, so its of great importance  that those short meeting are of help and added value to all. A little bit of understanding goes a long way in the life of a carer .lately I /we have had amazing advice and support from the amazing District Nurses who have shown great understanding and attention to detail, This son is grateful and does not feel as alone as he once felt, I salute you for being part of helping my mum and I get through this the best we can

oh and a big thank you to Lynn and Derek for the lovely flowers sent to my mum ,you brought a wee bit of sunshine to our house today

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