Thursday, 5 July 2012

My Tommyontour campaign is not a protest or a petition, it may be a cry for help, and it’s definitely a cry for more understanding

I often get asked just now, what is the main purpose of my campaign to collect life stories firstly its to try and take in our own words how we live and feel to policy and decision makers .and for that part I am grateful to all who contribute thoughts and opinions and to the many people I am now in discussions  with about the letters I receive. .I am inspired by the people who write to me ,who I meet on my tour ,families ,carers and people doing great work to support families like mine  and I an genuinely  inspired  by some of the Msps, Councilors , form NHS and from Social Work  Glasgow who are all taking time to listen and allow involvement in discussions I am also with no political preferences grateful for the time our DFM  Nicola Sturgeon has given this wee campaign and I believe she cares about the letters I collect and when we meet the updates I have given.This campaigns main purpose is to help bring  more understanding on Dementia and life caring for al loved one to all of the above and to a wider public.Its all about understanding for me .if we can increase the understanding it can surely only open the doors to a better life for all
 If you take the time to understand how someone lives and feels,then you are better equiped to help them
Dementia and caring awareness by people for people ,our lives in our words

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