Monday, 2 July 2012

Magic Moments love, connections and inspiration my wee mum

These last couple of months have been a struggle for my mum and for me as her son and carerslink my mums last wee dip its all been very quiet here ,anyway my mum who never used to like  but now seems to enjoy  when I put on the foot ball or tennis ,for some reason it keeps her focused ,I sat in her room last night to keep her company and we watched the football together Italy versus Spain ,just now when I handed my mum her juice ,her wee cup has two handles and a safety top to stop spillage and for easy grip ,my mum lifted  it up as she lay above her head with the biggest of smiles ,much like watching the Spanish captain last night ,I know which one is the real champion holding a cup ,its wee Joan Whitelaw .What  a smile ,what a moment, what a champion

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