Friday, 20 July 2012

yesterdays meeting at Social Work Glasgow, then discussion with GP about my wee mum’s health

Well yesterday  I had a few hours cover today and popped in to update social work Glasgow on my campaign and future plans ,hopes and dreams  Councilor Kerr was unable to attend as he is on a search for a carers champion for Glasgow City Council.That was a shame as much of the discussion needed his involvement ,any way social work have just produced  a report on my letters so that was a positive along with hopefully more involvement  in the work I do trying to represent carers and families who contact me, one of the things we discussed was my motion passed at Glasgow City Council back if February ,how things will work and my involvement ,I put great effort into this motion and I am determined to represent all who contact me as best I can and I give my word I will do all I can to do this .
ON a more personal note the GP was out today to check on my mum. We are trying to determine exactly where we are on my mums journey with Dementia,my mum is losing so much weight and we are trying to find a way to slow this down ,my amazing wee mum is pretty much confined to bed and is very weak and quiet Eating food is becoming very difficult along with keeping my mum hydrated ,my passion and duty is to keep my mum as comfortable ,loved and looked after to the best of my ability and to assure that all who Are part of this next phase remember my mum is not Just  a wee woman with Dementia she  is Joan Whitelaw ,Daughter ,sister ,mother ,Aunty ,friend and valued  member of her community and should be given the respect and dignity that’s she gave to all she met and that she deserves this is the very essence of my campaign remember the person do not look at anyione just as a condition or illness

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