Sunday, 8 July 2012

My wee mum will be 73 on Sunday , I hope you can help us celebrate on 15th by sharing our film and awareness campaign

Well my wee mum will be 73 on Sunday and together we have faced many struggles over the last 5 years on this journey with Dementia
I could not ask my mum if it was ok for me to speak about her life publicly,in articles ,on my blog and through the media, but i know what she would have done for me under different circumstances ,so I hope if you read this ,you will on June 15th share the links below to our film and blog and help a carer and his wee mum raise awareness on this tragic illness ,I am so proud of her and I hope she is happy that I try my best with my our wee  Tommyontour campaign. I cant imagine my mum would want to spend her birthday in any other way than raising awareness for others
Short film shown at parliament


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