Tuesday, 17 July 2012

It’s raining outside and raining in my heart, but my love and respect for my mum conquers all

My wee mum is fast asleep; in fact my mum is drifting in and out of sleep most of the time lately. Its at this time lately that I struggle I feel helpless and sad and having a wee cry at night is becoming a bit of a theme .In amongst this Journey dementia has taken us thorough I have grown so much closer to my mum ,I have always appreciated her greatness ,kindness and care for others and as we all do living our own lives we do that from a distance most times . We have lost our communication as my mum does not speak anymore, yet in some ways our  communication  is stronger than ever ,a squeeze of the hand ,a smile or warmth from the eyes can speak a  thousand words  I  campaign to raise awareness and understanding  and I will keep doing so long after our personal journey has passed but with the best will in the world until we find a cure no help can mend completely the sadness I feel sometimes for all that has happened to the wonderful we woman in the room next to me and to many many  other across the world as we reach this stage  of the Journey ,I would love my mum to tell me she feels safe and understands I love her and I am doing the best I can ,and in many ways her eyes and smile do just that
My wee mum my wee pal

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