Saturday, 14 July 2012

A day of thinking and thanks for the help received lately to our life living with Dementia

Good Afternoon
Well its been quite a dramatic change to how we live each day lately. a couple of months ago my wee mum had quite a dip in her health, as always on this journey just as we find a routine and way of  getting through each day as best we can ,Dementia decides to move the goalposts and move the goalposts it did ,my wee mum has been mostly confined to bed (although I carried her down the stairs this morning got the new wheelchair ready and walked round the block and got my mum a haircut all part of my mission to face this illness with my mum and all that it brings ,but we have received good help and advice over the last months and I am both grateful and thankful. So with thanks to the District nurses for their attention to detail and for sorting out so quickly the delivery of the hospital bed and wheel chair to our social worker and social worker OT for listening to the changes we face and for helping with a recliner chair ,to the community dentist for the way she checked my mums teeth to my befrienders who are funded by social work and to my local  carer center for listening and funding some extra hours to make up for my mum being unable to attend day care due to her health  and helping us adjust and  allowing me to continue my Awareness campaign . I am a full time carer but I cant do this alone ,so thank you


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