Saturday, 7 July 2012

A wee update on life at home

It’s been another difficult time lately, as anyone who reads this blog knows my mum has not been to well lately. About 10weeks ago wee woke up to another drop in health for my mum and she has not really recovered. My wee mum has been pretty much confined to bed since than day and I am desperate to get her out of it I have a wheelchair now and have tried a few time to get my mum down the stairs and out for a walk and for fresh air ,but my mum is to weak ,its taking to much out of her and I have to try and understand best I can where we are on this Journey ,my mum has also hardly said a word for weeks ,but the other day when I was giving mum her morning bath ,she squeezed my hand ,smiled and said oh good its you and I cant tell you how magic that felt ,in fact I have the broadest smile on my face just now thinking about it ,I would also like to mention the District nurses who have been on top form helping me get the bed ,wheelchair and for the attention they have given to both my mum and I over the last weeks ,great understanding on their part
Its all about moments to me at this point and that can be a smile or a word from my mum .I just have to make sure my mum get the best help, respect and treated with the dignity she deserves and gave all she met and my promise is to care for her best I can and raise awareness best I can during my 14 hours cover each week


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  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2012

    its the small things that make your day now Tommy ,I can understand that after looking after my disabled son for nearly 16 years . He cant talk but copies what you say sometimes .I can always tell when he is happy or sad by his sounds only. When there are no more carers or support networks in place things can go downhill rapidly. My 2 older teens are at t in the park just now and i feel alone with just me and francis but I am trying to make the most of it. No care help this weekend till Tuesday its a long way off so here I am back to just making the most of it. I feel no one really cares most of the time unless they are in exactly the same position.


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