Saturday, 28 July 2012

Caring can be a lonely life, someone letting you know they are thinking about you can brighten up your day

I don’t need to tell anyone who has or is caring for a loved one how lonely life can be most times A card, a phone call, a visit can help chase the loneliness away for wee while, my campaign started through the desperation and isolation Dementia and caring brought  my mum and I.This campaign has helped me realize we are not alone ,the amazing people who have sent me life stories ,I have met on my tour and on social media such as Twitter and this week a most personal touch from people a card from Caroline who I met on my tour to say my mum and I are in her thoughts and a wee bunch of flowers from Lynn and Derek who I also met on my tour  for my wee mum to remind us we are not alone
A wee bit of sunshine sent from others can help chase the blues away for a day, if you know someone who is caring or being cared for pick up the phone ,send a card, let them know they are not alone ,you might change their day or even their life

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