Sunday, 22 July 2012

It’s Sunday morning and my hope is to get my mum dressed and out in her wheelchair for a walk round the park today (we tried and will try again another day)

Well its Sunday morning and I never slept a wink last night, I lay in bed just thinking about al that has happened over the last years and months. Our ability to join in and live has shrunk at a pace all through this Journey and the isolation is almost painful. Our daily lives have shrunk to the bedrooms my mum is pretty much confined to hers and I hop between my mums and mine constantly .i think I have sat in the sitting room about 4 times over the last months (although I do dust and clean it every day) but I know if I don’t get my mum out to see the word and feel fresh air now then we will never get the opportunity again ,sitting my mum on her seat exhausts her ,giving her ,her twice daily baths exhausts her ,changing and dressing her is tiring for her ,but we are going out today even if its just round the block ,I need to defend my mums right to live and experience ,fresh air ,the sun ,the sky the outside world before she becomes to weak and our life shrinks to just one room

Well we tried earlier on today the weather conspired against us and also it was al getting a bit to much for my mum, so we settled for River city and now its time to get Sunday dinner on .I have to be careful I don’t let my own ambitions for my mum get in the way of reality


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