Sunday, 29 July 2012

My awareness campaign is built on life stories thoughts and opinions can you HELP?

 Good Morning
Firstly my campaign is in no way a petition or protest .The very heart and soul of this campaign is bring a better understanding on both Dementia and Caring to a wider public .I have been collecting life stories thoughts and opinions for the last months to take to a wider audience to try and bring a better understanding  on how we live and feel, so far I have taken reports to the Scottish parliament, Social Work City councils, NHS and beyond to help raise awards and believe I have a good working (voluntary on my part ) relationship with many people .I hope if you are reading this and you have time to can add to this amazing collection of life stories from amazing families and carers to help me paint a picture of living with dementia and caring for a loved one .My promise is to do all I can to raise awareness to a wider society ,I hope your words  can help me do this
You can email me direct at
Thank you


Son, carer, awareness campaigner

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