Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Caring for my mum and hiding my broken heart

Night times are becoming one big struggle just now, loneliness, sadness and exhaustion to name but a few  feelings and emotions BUT they are nothing compared to my broken heart just now. My mum in my eyes is just the greatest and I won’t allow her to be viewed otherwise and I certainly don’t allow her to be viewed as a just a person with dementia  
She is Joan Whitelaw, my mum, a great woman but I can’t stop the sadness I feel when I go to bed .I try to hide my sadness all through the day to care for my mum best I can and I puff my cheeks out to campaign when I can, but mending this broken heart, that’s just feeling harder every day Dementia is taking its toll on my mum and as a son bearing witness its doing its best on me also. At night i cry,  we sleep ,we take on tomorrow like we took on today .with love pride and hope

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