Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dementia Awareness a wee itinerary of future plans

My awareness campaign continues at pace and there is lots planned for me to do or get involved in during my 14 hours respite /cover each week
Motion Glasgow city Council
Work will start soon on the motion I had passed back in February
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde board area

I have a few meetings, talks and involvement lined up over the next months including

Dementia through art project with Gartanvel royal hospital

Meeting to discuss involvement with dementia training courses

Dementia stately group, I have been invited to attend a meeting of the group who discuss dementia strategy covered by this area

Speaking to staff, I have to talks confirmed at the moment at NHS staff events, one at the Royal Alexandria hospital, the other at the Breadmore Hotel

Social work Glasgow

I have another meeting with the team in Glasgow to discuss correspondence received along some ideas we have been discussing

Dementia services Stirling University

I will be through in Stirling to meet the team who work with professor June Andrews to discus projects and ideas we have been discussing  

Aberdeen Msps and Councilors

I will be traveling to Aberdeen soon to meet with my friend Jeanette and meeting some Msps and City Councilors to discuss positive Dementia awareness  

Talks at care groups

I will be attending some more carer and dementia groups to update on my progress including

Quarrier’s carers group who meet at the riverside halls Govan Glasgow  

Alzheimer Scotland south Ayrshire carer /dementia group Prestwick

Carers group at the Croy Day Hospital Ailsa Hospital Ayr

Enterprise screen

I will be meeting again with Brendan and Jamie who produced and directed my Tommyontour film to discuss some idea we have been working on to help raise more awareness on both dementia and caring

I also have some other meeting lined up that I will update shortly including  with Civil Servants who work on dementia based at St Andrews house Edinburgh


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