Saturday, 7 July 2012

Giving a presentation today at Dementia Strategy Group meeting, North West Sector, Glasgow City CHP

With great thanks to Jill Carson who is the adult services manager North West Sector, Glasgow City CHP for inviting me along to do a short presentation about my campaign, the letters I receive and the people I meet on my tour along with life caring for my mum at their Strategy Group meeting which takes place on Monday in JB Russell House, Gartanvel Royal Hospital. 
I have met with Jill before and we are looking at other possible ways for me to get involved including working on some dementia training courses across the Board area
Firstly I am grateful as a son and carer to be given the chance to be part of dementia awareness across Glasgow and all areas their cover, and also for taking time to listen to the life stories people send me
So thank you Jill for the opportunity and for taking time to involve carers and families in the work you do


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