Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Popping into my local carer center (Pollok) today

I have a couple of hours cover today and I am popping into my local carer center to have a wee chat and update on my mums care plans and package
This involves Linda having to listen to all my wants and needs and explaining  and helping me achieve what we can ,but more than that I have a person  to discuss our life with and a sounding board ,its not a golden ticket to care ,but it’s a ticket I never had before ,I discovered carer centers last year when I left the house to raise awareness and find out how others coped and I have been to many across Scotland In fact my film includes carers I met at GNEC  and Carr Gomm on my tour. I need someone to help me through this especially now as my wee mum struggles ,I need all the help and advice I can get ,I wish I would have asked for help sooner on my journey caring for my mum. All I can say is its ok to ask for help. We all have hopes and dreams of help we would like but for me it’s a tragedy in itself not knowing or having good help that is ALREADY  available and I for one am grateful for any help I get

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  1. Tommy, it was fantastic to see you as usual! you rock, Linda xxx


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