Thursday, 5 July 2012

Lads from Enterprise Screen popping round today to chat about film ideas

Good Morniig  
Brendan and Jamie who produced and directed my wee Tommyontour film are popping round today for a wee while to chat about some of the ideas we have been E mailing back and forward over the last while,they are good lads and have great understanding and passion for the subject matters ,Dementia and Caring and have become good friends since we met last year to make the short Tommyontour film. Much has happened since then and I feel its time to try and work on the experiences of the last 5 years caring for my mum and all I have learnt from the amazing people I meet on my campaign and who have sent me thier stories.My passion to raise Awareness grows stronger by the day and a new film that can bring more understanding is a major part of my hopes and dreams over the next months .Apart for that its just nice to have someone come and visit my mum and I ,IT doesn’t happen that often


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