Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dementia, Caring for my mum and raising awareness

Good Morning
It has been tough couple days in fact make that 5 years caring for and witnessing my mum and her fight with Dementia .My mum has not been doing to well lately and is mostly confined to bed ,This prompted my discussion on Friday with my mums CPN and more tomorrow with Social Work and others who are involved in the journey Dementia brings I have always felt a step behind caring for my mum ,I have always felt each time we wake up to changes in my  mums awareness ,health and needs ,and these changes appear at any point and a few times  over each year in my mums case, we do our best to adjust and do the best we can ,but its the process of contacting people to get the help required and the time it takes for that understanding ,message and help to be made available ,if available at all .I know as a son after this last deterioration with my mum that  we have to be prepared in advance for what is ahead and could come at any moment ,that’s why we at my request are discussing end of life care for my mum. We can’t afford to hesitate at this point my mum needs and deserves as all do the best care an attention at all times  but it’s really important for what lies ahead over the next months. We all have to get it right .I have to get it right. This is also the reason I raise awareness, Dementia is thrust into our lives and we are meant to understand and I certainly didn’t and have always felt a bit lost, so lost over a year ago we almost reached a crisis of no return. We as a society have to do all we can to help families understand more and give them the best help we can when needed to help them through this journey with the correct guidance and support, that’s why I go out in my respite hours to discuss and talk about both my mums and my own experience along with the words from the letters I receive. I feel it’s important to speak about this illness and the issues and emotional impact it has on families we have to raise the understanding on this illness from diagnosis to end of life. In my experience it always seems like such a surprise and effort to all involved in my mums care each time these changes and needs appear Its time this journey was openly and honestly mapped out for families so when needs and help are required they are understood and acted upon immediately to allow families make each day the best it can be and keep crisis at bay. Give us the correct help and guidance and we are better equipped to live with Dementia or care for a loved one. At the end of the day that’s all we really ask for a bit of help and understanding and we will do the rest   

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