Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Caring and campaigning love, struggles sadness and joy

It is occurring to me more and more lately that I have two separate ways of making it through this journey. Caring for my wee mum and Raising Awareness . My life caring for my mum is complex, full of love struggles, sadness and Joy. Love for my amazing we mum who gave me every ounce of her time, care, love and support all my life .the Struggles that witnessing 5 years of dementia and the toll it has taken on my mum brings, and life as a carer sadness I now accept in order to do the best I can that my mum has lost her memory of her glorious life and of me as a son but my deep sadness is she has lost the memory of my dad the man she loved ,everyone should fall in love like my wee mum and dad and Joy. the joy a smile or Squeeze of my hand can bring I have to add Privilege ,I feel privileged to be my mums son and it’s a privilege to care for her through this journey even though we face many struggles and sadness along the way ,her greatness is my reason for campaigning  I puff out my cheeks when I go to talks or meetings to raise awareness as I promised myself  to put same effort into my campaign that I try to put into caring for my mum and if I can put half the effort into caring and campaigning  that my mum put into bringing me up and to all she met then we will do  ok
I don’t know if any of the above makes sense but its how I feel tonight sitting in my wee mums room watching her sleep peacefully

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