Thursday, 19 July 2012

The loneliness that night time brings

Night times are becoming a bit of a struggle just now, I have only left my house at night 8 times in nearly 3 years (5 of them for talks) I use any hours I have in the daytime to do my talks or try and further my awareness campaign. There is much love in this house but it is involved in a constant battle with sadness. The sadness witnessing all that dementia has brought to my wee mum and sadness at how weak and quiet she is. With the lighter nights you sit behind closed doors hiding away from the laughter and fun you hear as kids run around enjoying summer holidays and the noise of car doors opening and closing as people go out and return home from nights out  or visiting friends .I can never compare my life to  everything my mum is facing ,but its still lonely and it takes all my strength to keep the tears away and from letting it all get to much ,that wont happen my mum needs me and I feel privileged to be able to care for her and know if the tables where reversed how she would had done a much better job  for me than I do for her

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  1. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    You're doing an amazing job, Tommy - both for your wee Mum, who would be so proud of you, and for so many other people. Your work and dedication are playing a huge part in raising awareness of what dementia really means both for the person and for isolated family carers. Stay strong. It will not always be like this but you will be able to look back knowing you did everything possible to love and support your wonderful Mum.


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