Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Today Meeting the inspirational Isabel from Theatre Nemo (with thanks to Trish Brown)


Well I was over at the PRTFC head office last week  to chat about my campaign, future hopes and dreams and hopefully we can work together on a few ideas As I was leaving I had a chat with Trish Brown and she told me about the inspiration work being done by Theatre Nemo which was started by the inspirational Isabel, Any way I had a chat with Isabel on the phone and I am popping over on today during my 4 hours cover to find out more about them and chat about my own campaign

You can find out more at the links below about Isabel, Theatre Nemo and the amazing work they do along with links to the PRTFC

Theatre Nemo

Vision Our,vision is of an inclusive, supportive, integrated society, which recognizes and values the contribution made by those affected by mental ill-health alongside everyone else.


www.carers.org | www.youngcarers.net

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  1. Fantastic so glad you and Isobel are meeting up...OMG you two will be amazing xxxx


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