Monday, 30 July 2012

Inspiring day at the Life’s Stories and Older People’s Working Group today


Well I had a few house cover today and I was through in Edinburgh to meet with Life’s Stories and Older People’s Working Group (with thank s to Linda for the invite)
I found it very inspiring to meet and hear from the people who attended about the work they do and projects they are working on .It was great to hear about their passion Knowledge along with their willingness to listen to others ,I hope we can do some work together in the near future ,I met and hopefully made some new friends today .As usual its always a bit of a rush to get to talks or meetings and back home to care for my mum in the time I have ,anyway back home now time to get my wee mum her dinner then evening bath

You can find out more about the people and work they do at the link below

The Older People’s Working Group is the sub-group of the Scottish Storytelling Forum that oversees, develops and promotes storytelling work with older people across Scotland. Reminiscence is at the heart of much that we do and more and more of our work is with groups (care homes, sheltered housing, community groups and day care centres)
Scottish Storytelling Centre

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