Monday, 11 June 2012

Caring for my mum, I can’t shake of the sadness of the last few weeks

Dementia has been a struggle for my mum. It has in the past and still does its best today to pick away at her awareness, abilities and all that she is. As a son the last couple of months have been just so sad, my wee mum has lost a few stone over the last months. My has lost her balance and so much of her strength and has not been strong enough to stand alone or walk for weeks .for all my mum has faced and I have witnessed over the last couple of years its sadness I struggle with just now .i spent yesterday working on a new plan for my mums room and ordering a hospital bed and other equipment and I am just so sad inside .All through this illness you think what next what more can it bring it cant get any harder or worse ,but you always know it can and will. There is love in this house, love for a wee mum who gave her all to everyone she met and to her family BUT THERE IS ALSO A BATTLE WITH SADNESS.I sit at night in my mums room when she is asleep and I just cry .i have cried many time over the last years .but the tears Are different tears just now,
I don’t know if what I have just typed makes sense, but you know I am so sad inside today that nothing makes sense but the fight goes on ,the fight to care for my mum with the dignity and respect she deserves and my promise to raise awareness and understanding on this cruel illness no matter how many tears may fall
Taking on dementia is my life  mission

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  1. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    Thinking of you and your mum xxx


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