Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dementia, the dismantling of our lives, to dismantling my mum’s bed for delivery a hospital one

My mum is always viewed with greatness in my eyes, but there no escaping all that Dementia has brought or the toll dementia has taken on us both. This morning I was up early, got my wee mum her bath and breakfast and i have spent the last hour dismantling her bed and redesigning her room for delivery of a hospital type bed, recliner chair and other such clinical equipment, in order to keep pace with the change lately in my mums health, awareness and capabilities.This constant struggle to adapt, change and keep strong all through this journey has taken its toll on my mum and tests everything I have on a daily basis. As I dismantled my mums bed this morning I struggled through a flood of tears as all I could think about was how DEMENTIA has, and is doing its best to dismantle every thing we are and have. But it has no ability to dismantle the memory I have and hold or the love and respect I have for my amazing wee mum. Dementia might have erased my mums memory and may try to attack her dignity, but it cant take away the memories of all the people who have met her and love her,I might be forced to dismantle her bed but I wont allow anyone to forget her greatness and will demand she is treated with the respect and dignity she showed all she met ,as we prepare for the next phase of this tragic journey

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