Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Collecting life stories Glasgow to London a Carer / Family Relay of Hope

Well today is a year to the day since I launched my campaign to collect life stories with a walk round Scottish Cities collecting Letters  
Watching the Olympic flame has inspired me to try and be part of forming a relay of carers/families next June collecting life stories from Glasgow to London to hand into Downing Street once again stories without guidance, you’re life, you’re story in you’re words
 Walking Around a different Town City each day. Meeting people, collecting stories, highlighting good help and practice In each place we stop .Each Town and City would be lead by local people groups and organizations, if we can get all who do good work on dementia and caring to work together we could find out, tell and take to parliament the true story of Dementia and caring in the UK, THE REAL STORY FROM REAL PEOPLE
Its just an idea ,could it work ,I for one believe so

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