Friday, 22 June 2012

Inspired by my mum, Inspired by people who tell their stories and I have met on this campaign, inspired by great people doing great things

It has been another week of up and downs, my wee mum is still very weak and has not really recovered from the dip in her health about a month ago. This whole tragic journey my mum is facing with Dementia is ever changing and ever challenging.Just when we feel we have adapted and find a routine that gets us through each day the best we can, Dementia changes everything from day one this cycle of change  has taken  its toll on my mum, we have to re -adjust everything we do., my mum is mostly confined to bed at this point ,her strength is low after 5 years of this illness,but her smile is strong ,her smile when I go in the morning to get her ready for her wee bath and breakfast is the all the strength I need to keep going.Dementia has taken many things away from my mum but not her greatness.I will never allow dementia to take away the greatness that is Joan Whitelaw my mum ,and that just happens to make me the luckiest man in the world.Luck because Joan Whitelaw is my mum and my inspiration.Over the last week I have met with many other inspirational people at the talks I do during my 14 hours cover ,Husbands ,Wives Sons, Daughters and good people who work with carers and families in their local community
I am inspired by the people who share their  life  stories who take time to RT and share my campaign and by the other amazing people I have learnt about or met doing all they can to support, care for a loved one or highlight the plights and lives of others
As a son and carer I respect and salute you all

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