Monday, 4 June 2012

A year of campaigning on Wednesday, with thanks to all who helped

This Wednesday June 6th will mark a year to the day since I launched my campaign to collect life stories with a walk round Scottish towns and Cities
Much has happened over the last year I have met many obstacles and disappointments but mostly I have been overwhelmed and inspired. There are  far to many amazing things and people to mention, so I would like to thank everyone who has sent me a life story,  have inspired me when we have met ,invited me to talk at groups or events, invited me to their homes, share publicized  or re –tweeted my campaign and to all the people who took time to listen to us about dementia and caring, I would also like to mention the amazing people who do great work in supporting people facing dementia and carers like me ,I feel we should celebrate good help and practice as I believe this will inspire others to follow .one thing is for sure this  campaign to raise awareness will continue this year  and be even  stronger than the last ,so thank you to all for the support and especially my wee mum Joan, this is her campaign not mine. so I will leave you with my personal reason for raising awareness  on June 6th last year I had a photo taken walking with my mum to launch my campaign, for the last month my mum has been unable to walk, my heart is broken by dementia but not my spirit and the one strong message I will leave you with is my mum is not just  a wee woman with dementia or an illness
Her name is Joan whitelaw she is my mum  

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