Thursday, 21 June 2012

Today at talk in Ayr more amazing, inspirational people caring for a loved one

I have just returned home from my talk down in Ayr as part of the Princess Royal Trust for Carers South Ayrshire, carer’s week events. With great thanks to David Roxburgh for inviting me and to all who attended, I also have to thank  David for coming to Glasgow to pick me up  to allow me to fit this in with my hours of cover and to assist as I do this without funding. More importantly than my talks or anything I have to say I met with more inspiring people who give care and help to a loved one and to hear their stories and share our stories only  strengthens my desire and passion to keep raising awareness and reach and meet as many people as possible. Together our life stories can be the best guide to any decision makers in the future. If you want to know how a carer lives or feels just ask them, it might change your life for the better
if you would like to shre your story to help bring more understanding or inpsire others then please send to

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