Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dementia and Caring, it’s not a petition it’s not a protest it’s our life story

Good Morning
I hope everyone is having a peaceful long bank holiday weekend, this Wednesday June 6th will be a year to the day I started my campaign to raise awareness on both Dementia and Caring .This was never a petition or a protest ,for me its was a cry for help. As my mum struggled with all that dementia brings I as a son struggled and fell apart beside her
So I picked myself up and decided to try and find out how others coped and launched a campaign not to raise money but to ask other to share their experiences GOOD or BAD .IT SADDENS ME TO SAY MOST PEOPLE WHERE FACING GREATER STRUGGLES THE ME .To date I have received hundreds of life stories, met with hundred of carers and families, I have cried, laughed been shocked and inspired by the people I have met and letters/e-mails sent to me I still firmly believe in my heart that sharing our experiences with the powers that be, the real story on all that dementia brings is the best way to bring more understanding and help
I feel positive about the people in government, local authorities NHS who are reading and paying attention to all the correspondence sent to me. The truth is our lives in our words without guidance, its impossible to ignore .isn’t it?

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