Sunday, 10 June 2012

Letters and life stories, help me tell the story of Dementia and Caring

I believe in life stories, I believe the best way to bring more understanding and help is to listen to families who have or are experiencing Dementia and all that it brings .In my own small way I feel I have a chance to the story of our lives to decision makers. Our health secretary is showing great interest in our words thoughts and feelings along with good people within NHS and local authorities’ .Along my wee campaign I have heard from truly inspiring people, I have cried with some I have laughed with some, I have met many obstacles and had my fare share of patronization .but I feel I have met a few key people who are in a position to help are genuinely interested in helping and I believe them. and I need others to  help and also believe them ,to help guide ,inspire and tell them ,tell them how you feel about dementia about how you live on a daily basis and how they can help
If you would like to help by sending you life story, thoughts or opinions then you can e mail me direct at

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