Saturday, 9 June 2012

The reality of where we are has just crushed me today

I know  fine well what dementia has done to date  and is doing to my mum ,I have stood by her side for this whole journey and as my mum has faced all that dementia brings I try my best to support and do the right thing ,I don’t always get it right.For all the past experiences the confusion ,the agitation ,the anger ,the fear the fight to be remembered as the person ,as Joan whitelaw, as my mum .TODAY was a reminder of the toll this illness can take on both mind and body ,my mums day center came round to see if was achievable to take my mum out to sit in their garden and all to quickly we realized its not ,my mum is to weak and frail and I am crushed ,sometimes it takes fresh eyes and opinions to tell you where you are , because we live in hope ,no matter how little can be achieved each day we see this  as a victory we see it as hope for the next day Today reality slapped us in the face ,we are now facing the saddest part of this journey .Dementia has changed so much ,but it wont change in my eyes the greatness of my mum and it wont change the fact that I will be there to hold her hand every step of the way

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