Friday, 15 June 2012

Dementia and Caring through Art, might be a small step closer to making it happen

Good Morning
I have a meeting this morning with some people who just might be able to help with one of my hopes and dreams , to tell the story of Dementia and Caring through art
The idea is to bring the thoughts and feelings  from the letters I receive and families I meet  to a wider public through  the eyes of some of our talented art students along with art from families,
I have as with all I do no funding but a desire and passion to raise awareness, I have some people who want to provide and work on the art side of the project and today I will be meeting someone who might just have the place to display this work on a permanent basis, a lot of if and buts but then life is full of ifs and buts we just have to turn then in to done and dusted

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