Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sitting tonight reading through letters and e mails ,we may never have met ,but our lives are so similar


I was sitting tonight going through some of the letters and e mails I have received over the last year. As I checked my inbox I got a second e mail from someone who had contacted me previously .Tonight has been a night of reflection tears and smiles. I try as it’s my duty to really keep on top of the words ,feelings and thoughts I receive.Things have got tougher for both my mum and I over the last year and when I hear again from people who have sent me their story before I recognize how much tougher life gets for them and for others .Amazingly or not so amazingly there are common themes in all the correspondence I receive ,in fact the person who sent the e mail tonight started the first one they sent to me by saying on hearing about and reading my story one day all she had to do was change the names and that her  story was so similar  to my own  .So many people facing the same issues ,same heartbreak ,same loneliness,frustrations  and same so on and so on .Surely if we are all facing similar struggles on  this Journey then WE AS A SOCIETY HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION AND DO ALL WE CAN TO CHANGE SOME OF THOSE STRUGGLES AND ISSUES. So I will say again I believe in life stories, I believe that  if we can share our life story without guidance, the true story of how we live and feel then surely it becomes to hard to ignore, surely it will bring more understanding on dementia and caring and ultimately if we can bring more understanding then we can find the best way to bring more help
I hope you can help others by sharing your story and if you can please send it to add to the other amazing people and stories I have received to date , to tommy@i-woz-there.com
Thank you
Tommy    .

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