Saturday, 9 June 2012

With thanks to my mums Day Center for coming to try take my mum out for a couple of hours Today

Good Morning
If you read this blog you will know my mum has not being doing to well lately.Three or four weeks ago we woke up one morning and since that day my mum has had great trouble with balance standing up and has barely said a word. I can only say its has been incredibly difficult for my mum and dreadful to witness as a son .we have had had the doctor out quite a few times and had tests  to see if its an underlying problem but everything seems to be pointing to the next phase of this illness, I cant tell you the sadness in my heart, But we will adjust and do our best to keep going. I go to bed each night thinking tomorrow will be better and I wake up each morning facing the reality that its not ,Agnes from  the day center my mum  used to attend a couple of time a week passed by the other day and is coming with another member of staff to see how my mum is today in the hope of taking her down to sit in the day center garden with some one to one care .I hope my mum is strong enough to do this and I thank them for their effort in helping my mum get some personal social interaction ,it matters ,it matters more than I can say

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