Monday, 4 June 2012

Watching the jubilee concert, memories of my previous life, something my wee mum has lost

Well my wee mum is tucked up in bed and I am sitting alone in my room watching the concert live from London Its quite emotional ,as I shut my previous life out mostly in order to concentrate on life now caring for my mum, but tonight lots of memories came flooding back, I have toured with quite a few of the artists on stage, Tom Jones, kylie, Annie Lennox, Elton and a few more in fact I was worked on  the concert put together in new York  by Paul McCartney after 9/11 Now we sit alone slipping each day closer to a poverty of life and all to often a poverty of understanding and care .But I am lucky I have memories firmly implanted in my mind ,good and bad ,something that has been taken from my mum by this cruel and tragic illness but not  from me I have the greatness of my mum firmly implanted in my memory, heart and soul ,I might not be touring with bands anymore, I might be sad and lonely, and I might be poor, Tonight I sit with a real superstar, her name is Joan whitelaw
Tommy on tour  


  1. Tommy, I've been lucky. As her Alzheimer's progresses me and Mum have found music a real source of joy and closeness. She can sing in tune now - something she couldn't do before - and starts up sing songs. I hold in my heart her sitting in front of the tv waving her arms in the air when Robbie Williams sang. Mum is jus in the here and now and music makes it beautiful. It's a hard journey so these precious moments mean so much don't they.

    You and your Mum are doing great things for all of us 'out there'. Thank you.

    1. HI sue ,thank you for the kind words and for sharing youre thoughts ,tommy and wee oan


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