Friday, 1 June 2012

We had a wee fall last night, reminds me how vulnerable we are

Good Morning
Got a wee fright and reminder of how vulnerable we are ,my wee mum has not been well lately and is having great trouble with walking and balance ,last night when getting my mum out the bath I slipped and fell backwards hitting my head on the toilet ,with my mum landing on top of me .I spend lots of nights  upset lately as this illness takes a firmer grip of my mum .we are both ok but I had a reminder and sleepless night with the thoughts continuously going through my mind ,what if my wee mum would have got hurt ,what would happen to my wee mum if I got injured or took unwell, the emotional turmoil dementia and caring brings is exhausting and I for one am exhausted ,my respect and heart felt  thoughts and feelings go to everyone needing or being cared for

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