Thursday, 14 June 2012

Dementia /carers awareness week, change of plans for Monday

Last year for Dementia awareness week I launched my campaign with a walk round Scottish Towns and Cities to raise awareness.This coming Monday I was hoping to hand out some leaflets outside the Alzheimer Scotland conference along with meeting a few people I had arranged to say hello too as I could not get a ticket.But as my wee mum has not been doing to well over the last month I have had to change plans for Monday as I  have a new hospital type bed, recliner Chair and some other equipment arriving,in order to keep my mum as comfortable as possible.Dementia has brought so many changes to both my mums and my own life.The latest being my mum being unable to walk and a big loss in most of her mobility, so we have to once again adjust our lives and routines, Dementia brings so much to deal with and many changes but it cant change one thing.My Mums Name is Joan Whitelaw and in my eyes the Best Wee Mum in the World, Never forget the person ,celebrate the greatness.This is my  by biggest form of defense I would like to thank the district nurses and my mums social worker for their attendance and help over the last difficult weeks

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