Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A positive meeting at Caledonian University and a lovely evening with Glasgow South East Carers

I had a very positive meeting today with some of the lecturers at Caledonian University School of health and life science and we have agreed to start the process of producing a paper on the life stories I have received that can be used in both education and taken to police makers .The small matter of funding this to be organised but never let funding get in the way of passion, desire and a need for more awareness and better understanding. I have got this far without funding and nothing will get in my way or hold back the need for this to be done .then this evening I popped over to see Julie Dixon and the team who do a wonderful job at Glasgow South East Carers .I spoke briefly as it was all a bit last minute and they had a few other items to discuss but it was great to do a quick update and chat with the people who attend this group I hope to be back over again soon to update more .thank you for the lovely welcome and chat


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