Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dementia and caring collecting and telling the story

Its Saturday morning and I am up early as usual, the routine of caring for my mum is firmly implanted in my mind, but my wee mum is no longer here and that in leaves the biggest of gaps in my heart and life, but that gap will be filled with the upgrading of our dementia and caring awareness campaign A campaign stated by our experience of dementia and caring. For the last year I have used just about every minute of the 13 hours a week respite I had to collect life stories, do talks and raise awareness .i will finish the campaign we started and will use every minute I can to take the life stories I have collected and have still to receive to as many people as possible Its important to carry on ,its important to me the people who write to me and its important we give people who will face what we have faced a better understanding and chance than we had .Our experience towards the end weighs heavy on my heart ,the lack of understanding from  most involved in my mums care and who where supporting me as a carer has left me feeling disappointed to say the least and I want to help in any way I can make it a better experienced for other from diagnosis to end of life  


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