Tuesday, 30 October 2012

radio Interview caring for my mum, my campaign and life stories on BBC Scotland Nov 7th 2pm


Well yesterday I was interviewed at home about my mums journey with Dementia ,my life as a son and carer and my wee collecting life stories campaign ,I  was interviewed by Sally Magnusson who I have great respect for In fact I appeared on Sally’s show the day before I left for my walk round Scotland and have been touched by Sally own story about her late Mother .the interview will also include some of the incredible people who sent me life stories reading from their letters and with expert comment from Prof June Andrews who I have also got to know through my campaign This was a look back at the struggles we faced ,the joy in amongst the struggles and why I started to and still collect life stories .I also feel I have to pay tribute to all the people who have shared their life stories with me and at this time with the Deputy First Minister who I took the life stories to and has agreed to allow this to be an on- going progress via my dementia carer voices project and in Glasgow where I live to social work and Glasgow city Council who have started a dementia working group after reading my letters this is something I hope to take to other local authorities I believe that life stories are the best way to bring more understanding on how we live and feel and I believe working with the Government authorities are both the best tribute and avenue to take the letters and lives of families like mine along with talks at NHS events about caring for my mum and the life stories
I am moved and inspired by the families who send their stories and by the willingness of people like Nicola Sturgeon to listen and be involved and with the guidance and mentoring from the Alliance Scotland through this new voluntary project Dementia Carer Voices (supported by the Scottish Government) is all the reason I need to take this from a campaign run from my bedroom to a project the letters deserve  and feel better equipped to give the life stories the respect they deserve the time they deserve and to the people who need to read them


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