Monday, 1 October 2012

My campaign will continue in my mum’s honour

Yesterday was probably the worst day since my mum passed away. I have emptiness inside and just miss her so much, even as I tell myself mum is at peace from the dreadful struggle she faced over the last years, months and weeks it does not affect the tears I cried and the emptiness in my heart and in this house .I have woken up this morning determined to fulfill the talks I have lined up ,the papers I am working on, and my motions at councils I have had passed .To finish the work we started together and I am determined to keep going long after the commitments I have already in my diary .After 5 years caring for my mum I am now a jobseeker but will refuse work till my commitments are fulfilled
I am used to scraping by after 5 years of caring, I am just not used to not  having my wee mum by my side that’s the difficult bit I might never get over
 October 5th Speaking at NHS gg&c Event beardmore hotel to around150 doctors and nurses
October 8th     Kirkintilloch Baptist Church (East Dunbartonshire council)
 October 12th   Bearsden Baptist Church (east Dunbartonshire council)
October 18th carers link dementia support group
October 28th Arbroath carters group
October 18th Glasgow City council dementia working group meeting re my motion passed back in February
October speaking at SNP Conference
I also have the following projects
Motion Glasgow city council
Dementia through art project
Caledonian university nursing and social care .speaking to students and working on my letters   
All of the above done on a voluntary basis

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