Thursday, 4 October 2012

How can a woman so kind have been forgotten in life by so many?

It been a long night again trying to work out what happened over the last years, months and weeks and I am up early again this morning with a routine that’s engraved in my mind ,a routine caring for my mum ,but mum is no longer here and it hits me hard .I just don’t know what to do with myself at most points of the day .I have a double appointment with the doctor to try and understand better what happened over the last weeks and why where we left so alone after 3 hospital admissions over 9 weeks but the bigger question in my mind is why where we so alone over the years. why was this woman who’s kindness ,love and care for all she met forgotten by so many family and friends ,the comments at my mums funeral felt hollow and don’t fool me ,we never moved ,we never changed our phone number and as my mum lost her memory through dementia why did so many abandon and forget her. I know what my mum done for me and for so many and I also know how little the many did for her

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