Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Carer Voices a new project with Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and Scottish Government

Dementia Carer Voices a new partnership with Tommyontour the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and Scottish Government

Yesterday I was off finalising details for a new two year project to give a voice to carers and raise awareness of the carer journey for carers of people with dementia, based on my Tommyontour collecting life stories campaign that I have been running from my bedroom whilst caring for my wee mum Joan who passed away two weeks ago.  I will be a voluntary Partner in this project alongside the Health and Social Care Alliance and the Scottish Government. I will be supported and mentored by the ALLIANCE and will take quarterly reports to the Scottish Government.  I look forward to working with the ALLIANCE and hope their knowledge and guidance will allow this project to grow and be all it can be and have great respect for the work they do

Highlight the importance of family carers being enabled after diagnosis to build and sustain a network of support preventing crisis situations and feel enabled to ask for additional help when needed
Continue to capture the experiences of carers across Scotland with a view to informing future police and service provision
Raise awareness of the issues around caring for someone with dementia including working with health and social care students
Empower carers by providing information based on the charter of rights and carer strategy about caring for someone with dementia
Highlight the role of carers as natural resources, carers as people with needs, carers as people with independent lives
Work with other carer organisations to ensure that relevant strategies are well informed by service users
Greater understanding by health and social care professionals of dementia and the carer journey
Reduce isolation of carers of people with dementia
Increase awareness of carer rights
User friendly information to support awareness raising
Inform policy and practice on carer matters
Quarterly reports will be taken to the Scottish Government with a final report being produced at the end of the two year project.

With thanks
To all who have been part of this awareness campaign to date, the families who sent life stories the ALLIANCE for their past help and future guidance and the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for taking time to read our life stores and for seeing value in continuing this awareness work.

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