Sunday, 28 October 2012

Looking through my mum’s belongings and its plain to see when we felt the full force of Dementia

I have been pottering about the house today ,that’s kind of what I do when I am not out trying to build on the awareness campaign I started in my mums name and with mum by my side I have been looking through as best I can and through a flood of tears clothing ,belongings’. photos and trinkets .And the truth is there is not much look through that’s a mark of my mums life .always giving ,always loving, always caring and always working hard and always for others .and the tears are for the clothes she never got to wear ,the things she never got to do as she reached the age of retirement and a time when all she done for others should really have been done for her .And the photos up till dementia took its grip always surrounded by people she loved and who loved her .always with a look of love and care towards and for in her eyes and always with a beautiful smile and then its stops almost completely .we are left with clothes never worn ,and photos documentation a lonely last 5 years but always with a look of love for others no matter what she faced or toll that was taken
That’s one of the great  sadness’s  of dementia and i guess most long term condititons  the loneliness, isolation the lack of understanding .and with all we cant cure yet with this illness ,surely we can cure them .Cant we ?

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