Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Job Centre after 5 years caring for my wee mum, not for the faint hearted or help with confidence


I stopped working five years ago to care for my wee mum and try and allow her the privilege of staying in her own home and on reflection since my wee mum passed away 4 weeks ago yesterday it was the toughest of task and I failed all to often to cope ,but that is for a longer piece I am writing looking at back at caring for my mum .I popped into my local job center on Friday for some advice and to help with the worry in my mind on how I will keep not only my voluntary awareness work going but how I am going to survive .I have to say it was an experience I do not wish on anyone I was told unless I made myself available for work that day I could not get any advice or guidance and that I should enjoy my weeks of grace as a carer and come on November 20th when my time as a carer comes to an end and speak to them then I am not ready to go to work just yet as I am still coming to terms with losing my wee mum and the 5 years we faced together with dementia and caring but where does that leave me no advice unless I made myself available for work that day ,no understanding that I have been out of the workplace for 5 years caring for my mum no help to re-adjust or gain confidence so thank you DWP for your lack of understanding on caring .I have although been introduced to the Glasgow regeneration agency by my local carer center and on meeting Ann ,I met with a person who understands my position and needs and was very kind and helpful the UK  government needs to think more about caring and life after caring ,just give us a chance

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  1. Aww that is very moving. Sorry to hear you are having problems regarding wanting to keep on your volunteering with awareness. Where I live in Yorkshire If you are looking for work, You have to be available in 24 hrs. But if you volunteer they give you 48 hrs notice for work. Good look anyway with your awareness and finding a job. Joanna


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