Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dementia ,I have nothing to sell, just a story to tell ,,,,,

Its another rainy night in Glasgow and I have spent the last hour sitting in my wee mums room a room now empty that for the last 6 or 7 months was more like hospital ward than a bedroom at home. And absolutely I miss my wee mum; I am at peace in some ways as my mum was very poorly towards the end but I just want my mammy back  but she has left me with a story in my heart a story about her life ,her kindness her ability to care for all she met and her journey with dementia ,A journey that hard and to often to hard for me to both cope with and witness and along with my mums story I have hundreds from the life stories her story inspired and the words and feeling from the many hundreds I have met over the last year facing a similar journey to ours and that’s the whole point of this Tommyontour campaign ,I do this as a son with nothing to sell  and always have done as a son and will continue to do so, as long as people will listen and I will take my mums and all the other stories that have inspired us that need to be told to as many people as I can ,because I believe that the life stories I have read ,the people I have met can be part of bringing  a better understanding to a wider society on both dementia and caring and that story will continue and grow and reach as many people as we can
And for the next three days I will tell that story at the kind invitation of the deputy first minister to all who come to my wee stand at the SNP conference
With thanks to the SNP party for inviting a son with a story to tell and with nothing to sell

Son ,carer voluntary awareness campaigner

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  1. Good for you Tommy, spreading the word and letting politicians see the People behind the Policies - who would have thought you would go so far in spreading your story, your mum's story and being a spokesperson for all those carers out there. ROCK ON ! ! ! !


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