Saturday, 13 October 2012

A Rose for a Rose and missing my wee mum

Well its Saturday night and I sitting at home alone with memories of my wee mum Joan who passed away 3 weeks ago firmly on my mind, Just over a year ago I started my wee Tommyontour campaign through necessity and for the love of my wee mum .It was a difficult decision yet an easy one, but the big question I had to answer was would my mum be ok about me speaking about her life in public, the media and on film. That question was answered by looking back at the love kindness and care my mum showed to all she met and so our we campaign began and as our story gained momentum we where joined by other who shared their life stories in order to raise awareness and help others ,So this week when I was informed my we campaign had been shortlisted for the Roses award I have to say I was tearful and proud as in facing dementia my wee mum had done what she had also done inspired her son and others to do something in order that others where heard and not forgotten ,so this shortlist nomination is for the families I have met ,families who shared their life stories and to all who have listened so I dedicate this nomination to my mum and all of the above A Rose for a Rose and all the other Roses who have been the heart and soul of our wee campaign
With thanks to Independent Age and Barchester Care we are grateful and you have made a son even more proud to be his mothers son


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