Sunday, 7 October 2012

Our campaign continues more talks and meeting collecting life stories raising awareness

Our wee campaign will continue and grow taking the words and life stories from families and carers to all who need to hear and read them
  October 8th   
  Speaking at   Kirkintilloch Baptist Church (East Dunbartonshire council)
October 9th
 Meeting at Caledonian university to discuss some projects and involvement then LTCAS and civil servants in the afternoon re carers voices a new project based on my campaign
  October 12th
 Speaking at Bearsden Baptist Church (east Dunbartonshire council)
October 18th
 attending and speaking at carers link milgavie back to see old friends
October 20th
Speaking at the NHS boardroom Gartanvel royal hospital
demenanded to jobseeker interview as my official life as a carer comes to an end ????????
October 24th
Meeting NHS education team in Edinburgh to discuss involvment
Meeting and setting up dementia working group Glasgow city council (based on my motion)
 Speaking SNP conference as a son who cared for my mum for 5 years and about the life stories I receive
November 28th
Angus carer group Arbroath
March 2013
Speaking at SDRCN conference
Other projects
Dementia through art project Garnavel royal permanent exhibition
Motion Glasgow City Council
Paper on life stories with Caledonian university health and social care science department and students

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