Saturday, 20 October 2012

Coming home to an empty house, memories of my mum come flooding back

It has been a busy few days at the SNP conference with one more to go tomorrow, in fact since my wee mum’s funeral just over 3 weeks ago I have increased my awareness work and that’s what I plan to do and keep doing. Its also strange when I am out as for the last year I have been raising awareness during the 14 hours respite I had each week and always feel I have been out to long once we reach the 4 hour mark .Coming home from Perth watch nigh on the train as we get closer to Glasgow the reality that I will soon be home to the house I lived with and for my wee mum for the last 5 years starts to play on my mind and emotions and this is increases as I walk through the front door and up the stairs. We spent most of the last 5 years being lonely and isolated from life ,the outside world and friends ,but in many way that was just a rehearsal for the loneliness I feel tonight And most other nights in this empty house without  my wee best pal and the inspiration behind this campaign and MY LIFE ,my wonderful wee mum Joan and  along with my wee dad who passed away many years ago long before dementia entered our lives my heart along with this house feels like the loneliest place in the world tonight

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